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The Anne Murray Centre would like to say a special thank you to the following fans, who have contributed to the Anne Murray Centre Donor Recognition Programme. Each Donor will also have his or her name listed on Anne’s Wall of Honour at the Anne Murray Centre.

PATRON OF THE ANNE MURRAY CENTRE (Gifts of $5,000 or more)

Stacey Gunn Ambrose and Joseph J. Ambrose Jr. and Family
Dee Johnson and Connie Roberts
Elizabeth G. Ricksecker (Betsy)
Nancy D. Zembower
Ken McIntosh
In Memory Of Rhonda Mansfield from mostly the Snowbirds
Bruce Allen Talent
EMI Music Canada
Nova Scotia Economic Development
Nova Scotia Tourism, Culture & Heritage
Atlantic Canada Opportunity Agency
Royal Sun Alliance/H.S. Terris
Dorothy Lufsey
Bill & Susan Swinimer
Intact Foundation
The John & Judy Bragg Family Foundation
The David & Faye Sobey Foundation

VIP OF THE ANNE MURRAY CENTRE (Gifts of $2,500 - $4,999)

Deb Lochiatto
Rose Ries

FRIEND OF THE ANNE MURRAY CENTRE (Gifts of $500 - $2,499)

Croyden and Karen Wood
Stewart and Chris Murray
Dr. Harold and Donna Murray
Oxford Frozen Foods
Murray Scott
Alliance Vision Clinic
Jill McClenny
Anne’s Snowbirds
Janet Blair and Cheryl Tutera
Kim Clare
William J. Coker (Bill)
Linda R. Fox
Gerry and Del Goodwin
Linda L. Klinge
Debra Q. Miller
Judy Orcutt
Deb Pearson
Carol Swartzlander
June Verab, Jamie Verab, Bethany Verab, Bridget Verab
Doug Parker
Barbara Fisher
Laureen Wist
John and Marlene Dunford 
Guy and June Brown
The Springhill and Area Chamber of Commerce
Deb Lochiatto
Dorothy Lufsey and Barbara Lieberman
Michael Posner
High Crest Springhill
Phyllis and William Benton
Muncipality of Cumberland County
Hannelore Barty
Marlene Summers
Skyline Atlantic Canada
Kathleen Hart
Springhill/Oxford Pharmacy (Ken Brownell)
June Irwin and Judy Orcutt
Centennial Villa/Gables Lodge
Huestis Group
Debra Mandawoub
Lynn and John Brinkley
Dr. Dudley and Carolyn Dickerson
Dr. Mark Jordan
"In Memory of Linda"
Mel Kohler
Town of Springhill
Gary Rogers
Derek Wicks & Ghalib Ahmed
Deb Collette
Elizabeth "Liz" Boomer
In Memory of Russell Gunn
Sociables Pub & Eatery
Bud Anderson Holdings Ltd.


Sincere appreciation and thanks to all who sponsored and attended
Barbara Osborn
Brad Thomson
Bryan Cobos
Christine Castiglioni
Christine Norton
Croyden & Karen Wood
Deb Lochiatto
Debbie O’Connell
Diane Golden
Dona O’Connell
Donna Fila
Doris Gilroy
Dr. Mark Jordan
Emily Murphy
Geraldine Charters
Hazel Killen
James & Kathryn Burks
Jeannette Cluett
Jennifer Fitzgibbon
Joan Gunn
Judy Benson
Kathleen Hart
Kathleen Mullen
Kimberly Seago
Linda Fox
Linda Robinson
LuWayne Annos
Maggie James
Maria Faricellie-Bullers
Molly Zawisza
Nancy Dempsey
Nancy Zembower
Rita Norton
Rose Ries
Sandra Paret
Sandra (Sandy) Pattison
Stacey Ambrose
Timothy Benson
Todd Canton
Trish Thompson
Vicie Evans
Von Bunn
Wanda Dunkle
Wenda LeBlanc
Yolanda Gonzalez

Stacey Ambrose
John Brinkley
Lynn Brinkley
Maggie Brinkley
Kim Clare
Patricia Correia
Dawn Ellis-Mobbs
Rob Ellis
Donna Fila
Carol Fisher
Linda Fox
Joan Gunn
Kathy Jones
Mark Jordan
Deborah Lochiatto
Sandra Lochiatto
Dorothy Lufsey
Ken McIntosh
Barbara A. Osborn
Joan Quaintance
Betsy Ricksecker
Karen Wood
Molly Zawisza

EVENT SPONSORS 20th ANNIVERSARY (Gifts of $500 - $3000)
Eastlink - Diamond Level Sponsorship
Dee Johnston and Connie Roberts - Gold Level Sponsorship
High Crest Springhill - Gold Level Sponsorship
Dorothy Lufsey - Gold Level Sponsorship
Municipality of Cumberland County - Gold Level Sponsorship
Hannelore Barty - Gold Level Sponsorship
Mel Kohler - Gold Level Sponsorship
RSA - Platinum Level Sponsorship
Bruce Allen Talent - Gold Level Sponsorship
Dr. Mark Jordan - Gold Level Sponsorship
Lynn and John Brinkley - Gold Level Sponsorship
Marlene Summers - Gold Level Sponsorship
Ken McIntosh - Diamond Level Sponsorship
Springhill and Area Chambre of Commerce - Gold Level Sponsorship
Town of Springhill - Gold Level Sponsorship
EMI Music Canada - Platinum Level Sponsorship


Bruce Allen Talent - Diamond Level Sponsorship
Eastlink - Diamond Level Sponsorship
EMI Music Canada- Diamond Level Sponsorship
RSA/H.S. Terris - Platinum Level Sponsorship
Skyline Atlantic Canada - Platinum Level Sponsorship
Springhill/Oxford Pharmacy (Ken Brownell) - Platinum Level Sponsorship
Scotsburn - Gold Level Sponsorship
Elizabeth G. Ricksecker (Betsy) - Gold Level Sponsorship
The Huestis Group - Gold Level Sponsorship
Guy Brown - Gold Level Sponsorship
Stacey Ambrose - Gold Level Sponsorship
Jane Irwin and Judy Orcutt - Gold Level Sponsorship
Gem Health Care Group - Gold Level Sponsorship
Dudley and Carolyn Dickerson - Gold Level Sponsorship
Dee Johnson and Connie Roberts - Gold Level Sponsorship






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